Homemade and fructose free cereal for breakfast

Hey there bumblebees, as some of you might know, I love to have a nice cereal bowl in he morning. In january I had to change my habit, after I started my fructose free diet. I love habits and routines, so I decided I had to find an alternative, a way to enjoy fructose free…

Fructosefree ciabatta and burger buns anyone?

Hey there bumblebees, as most of you know, I have a fructoseintolerance. What probably not all of you know is, what that means. I do not only quit on fruit and a lot of good veggies (carrots, tomatoes etc.), but also I quit on sugar, wheat and rye. It makes it very difficult to have…

A birthday full of love and gratitude!

Hey there bumblebees, I don´t know, if you know, but I am a child of love. I was born on the 14th of febuary – valentines day. This was only a week ago and through this week I thought about my birthday and realized: It was the most beautiful birthday I could think of.

4 weeks fructose free| my experience

Hey there bumblebees, if you follow my social media, you probably have seeen, that I suffer from fructose malabsorbtion and sometimes I cut it out, sometimes I don´t. After suffering from depression and constant tiredness I started to collect reasonst for this. Hashimoto? Leaky gut? Iron? Vitamin D? I couldn´t find it all out by…

L´elisir d´amore – a nice evening in the opera

Hey there bumblebees, as some of you might know, I love the opera, and ballet, and classical music. I grew up with all this around me and I hated it all as I was a child – mostly because I was such a rebel. But as I got older I started to appreciat it all….

Happy new year and xmas with Aesop, Zoeva and Lush

Hey there bumblebees and a happy new year! As most of the people like to set up some resolutions when the new years beginn. But as I never have any, I can´t tell you about mine! As I like to change things immediately during the year, there is barely something. But I hope 2015 will…

Our christmas dinner date

Hey there bumblebees, because my man and I will will be seperated during christmas, we had our christmas dinner a few days before christmas. We wanted it to be a special evening, bought some really good wine, portwine and planned a nice festive dinner for two. And this was our menu.

I am back and I wish | My wishlist

Hey there bumblebees, I AM BACK! I wasn´t writing blogposts for a really long while – well almost a half year. But I am back! And since it is almost christmas, here is my wishlist for xmas. Sooo, dear Santa…..