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Hello there bumblebees!

I´m Anna Valeria, this is almost my full name. I like my second name, so I thought this is a nice name to start a blog. with. I´m 28 years old and work as a projectmanager in munich. And here – on my blog – we are talking about my passions.

I do have a few passions, and no I can´t decide which is my biggest passion! First one is all culture and books. I love reading actually because I love words. I love Jostein Gaarder, Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoi and J.D. Salinger. Also as a daughter of an artist and a musician, I LOVE opera, ballet, music – from classical music to metal – beautiful artworks and museums and galleries. But to be honest, my daily life consists of work, my man, baking and coffee! 😉

My second passion is everything that is beautiful. As I´m a aesthetic person, and love arts so much, fashion for me is a personal way of expression and my home is my personal art work. But before you think I wear colour a lot and look like a Klimt or a Warhol: I don´t! I am rather into classical fashion. I love to keep my clothes forever. My favourite colour is black!


Another thing I am totally into is FOOD. But I´m not one of those girls, who can eat as much junk food as I wish, and fit into a small. Therefore I try to get a good balance between healthy, junk and all inbetween. I love eating good. At the same time, I want to treat my body as good as I can and this is my actual passion. I go to the gym, cause my body is thankful for it. I eat healthy, cause my body deserves it. I pamper my body, cause he gives it back to me. An I move, because It is great for the brain! It gives me balance! 🙂 AND I am fructose intolerant as well! So I try to find new fructosefree recipes all the time!!

Well here are some of my passions but I will write about everything that seems interesting to me. tell me, if you wish to read about something certain! Now have fun reading! 😉

Cya bumblebees!

Love, anna valeria

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  1. Stefanie says:

    Hi Anna Valeria,

    ich suche schon ewig nach einem Rezept für die Walliser Himbeertorte, die ich vor Jahren dort genossen habe.
    Du hast sie auch in deinen Ins, aber außer Foto keine Infos. So geht es mir auch mit den anderen Pinnern, alles nur Fotos. Hast du vielleicht das Rezept dazu? Wäre toll!

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin


    1. annavaleria says:

      Liebe Stefanie,

      ich glaube ich weiß welche Torte du meinst. Die habe ich nach diesem Rezept gebacken. http://www.backen-mit-spass.de/rezepte-ruehrkuchen/528-rezept-fuer-nuss-schokokuchen-mit-himbeeren

      Allerdings habe ich Dinge abgeändert, weil ich ja keinen Fruchtzucker und Zucker essen darf. Daher nehme ich statt normaler Schokolade die von Frusano und statt Zucker dann Getreidezucker, Erythtrit und Dextrose, davon dann allerdings ca 20% mehr, weil beides weniger süßt.

      Hat dir das geholfen?

      Einen tollen Tag Dir!
      Liebe Grüße, Anna

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