Recipe: Croissants from scratch | low fructose, lactosefree


Hey there bumblebees,

ever since I started to eat low fructose I dreamed of having a big, buttery and fluffy croissant. Split of the crunchy crust and slather on some raspberry jam. Oh yeah and Oh la la. So here I sit in this wonderful little Café in Munich, writing down a very good recipe, based on this recipe by Aurelie Bastian. This is a recipe, I personally find quite easy, but I it also takes quite a long time, so you might try it on a rainy day, where you stay at home have a coffee on the couch and watch some episodes of Gilmore Girls. (One episode per waiting period is perfect!) :) (more…)

Recent new favourite art and artists

David Schnell at Milwaukee Art Gallery

Hey there bumblebees,

I recently visited a lot of museums in wisconsin and an art fair in munich as well. And I need to say, I found a lot of new gret artists and art works of known artists. I kind of crave to start collecting art now. This actually does have quite a tradition in our family, as my mother studied art, my grandparents collect art as does my dad and my uncle. So I thought maybe I should share with you my recent art favourites. (more…)

Recipe: Spelt cardamom buns | fructosefree and lactosefree

spelt cardamom buns

Hey there bumblebees,

I know I am not writing a lot, but I would much rather just post what is important, instead of spamming to much. No big apology, I am here to share my most recent favourite recipe with you. This one is based on a recipe from Trine Hahnemans book a bout scandinavian food.  As you already know, I change everything, so this is a fructosefree and lactosefree version.

They are just wonderful and so tasty, especially, when they are fresh. I usually make one batch and freeze most of it, because we don ´t eat them that fast. I love them with fructose free jam and butter – a wonderful fragrant. <3 Also They are awesome to prepare, when you need to bring something for a breakfast or have guests over. (more…)

What I take on a 21 hour trip

Outfit Trip USA

Hey there bumblebees,

I recently visited my grand parents in Wisconsin. I haven´t been there in 15 years and was so excited to be back. But before I could hug my beloved grandparents, we need to travel from Munich to Copenhagen, to Chicago, to Madison. That is not only going to be a long flight, but a really long travel. I love planning my trips ahead, so there would be no surprises happening.

Especially a long flight need some preps, so here is what I took on my trip. The trip from leaving our flat here until we arrive in madison took us about 21hours with a lot of waiting inbetween. So I planned on being perfectly organized and have everything I need with me – who doesn´t, right? (more…)

Recipe: Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies | low fructose, lactosefree

Sea Salt Chocolate Chips Cookies

Hey there bumblebees,

I found this wonderful cookbook a few month ago, while sitting in one of my favourite cafés in munich called AROMA Kaffeebar – very recommended. And since I have bought this diamond of a cookbook I have loved it. The recipes are easy but special. It is filled with wonderful healthy recipes and substitutes a lot of “bad” ingredients with healthy ones. I still have to change some thins as i can not eat dates or agave nectar for example, but that is not a big problem as you know. My absolute favourite from this book are these soft and lovely sea salt chocolate chip cookies. I changed the recipe a bit to make it fructosefriendly and want to share it with you. (more…)

Recipe: Cream puffs | low fructose and lactose free

Cream puffs

Hey there bumblebees,

the other day – well last weekend we had friends over at our house. And as I love to bake especially for dear friends I made some cake and well cream puffs. Ands I must say these were amazing – and gone after 10 minutes. The recipe is a mixture of a recipe from Trine Hahnemanns book about scandinavian baking and I actually made up the recipe for the filling. I was always a bit anxious about making choux, but it actually is pretty easy! honestly, there are more difficult things to bake and cook! (more…)

Scorpion Dagger – favourite tumblr!


Hey there bumblebees,

have you heard about Scorpion Dagger? No? then you should check his tumblr, it is hilarious! He takes renaissance paintings and makes gifs out of them. I saw some of his gifs recently on facebook and had a great laugh. I just like how it takes something full of historical meaning and gives it a twist! I mean, I am a big fan of art in generall and love going to museums, but (more…)

Recipe: Best pumpkin spice bread ever | fructosefree, lactosefree

Pumpkin Spice Bread

Hey there bumblebees,

my sister just asked me to send her my pumpkin spice bread. And that was the moment I realized, I never posted it in the first place, which is awkward, since it is my alltime favourite recipe! Everytime the pumpkin season starts, we do have pumpkin spice bread at home all the time. In germany, it is hard to get get canned pumpkins. In fact this is the first year, they sell frozen pumpkin, which is a huge highlight for me! But not a problem for me…. (more…)

Recipe: zucchini chocolate cupcakes with avocado frosting | fructosefree and lactosefree

IMG_5332-e1444900824761 (2)

Hey there bumblebees,

I am constantly searching for great recipes to change to make them healthier and of course fructosefree (and in favour of my man also lactosefree). On a cute blog called eat yourself skinny I found this recipe, which I instantly fell for by only reading. And as you know, adaption is my game, so I started by changing the yield down to 12 (biiiig mistake…ate 6 of them right as they came out of the oven…ooops).  So here is my version of these creamy lovelies…and have I told you these are only about 125 calories per cupcake?! (more…)

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