Recent new favourite art and artists

Hey there bumblebees, I recently visited a lot of museums in wisconsin and an art fair in munich as well. And I need to say, I found a lot of new gret artists and art works of known artists. I kind of crave to start collecting art now. This actually does have quite a tradition…

Scorpion Dagger – favourite tumblr!

Hey there bumblebees, have you heard about Scorpion Dagger? No? then you should check his tumblr, it is hilarious! He takes renaissance paintings and makes gifs out of them. I saw some of his gifs recently on facebook and had a great laugh. I just like how it takes something full of historical meaning and gives…

Style crush <3 Marine Vacth as Isabelle in Young and Beautiful

Hey there bumblebees, I recently watched a wonderful François Ozon  movie called “Young & Beautiful” First of all I need to say, I love Ozon-movies so much since I watched cathrine Deneuve in “8 women”. he has this beautiful and melancholic way of pulling off the strangest stories. I like that. <3

An italian holiday – My 5 favourites in Puglia

Hey there bumblebees, I recently came back from Puglia, Italy. A wonderful vacation with friends, good food and looooads of sun! Our actual purpose to this vacation was the wedding of a really close friend and the baptism of her cute 1-year old daughter. As my friend told me about her celebration, I was immediatly thrilled,…

L´elisir d´amore – a nice evening in the opera

Hey there bumblebees, as some of you might know, I love the opera, and ballet, and classical music. I grew up with all this around me and I hated it all as I was a child – mostly because I was such a rebel. But as I got older I started to appreciat it all….