Scorpion Dagger – favourite tumblr!

Hey there bumblebees,

have you heard about Scorpion Dagger? No? then you should check his tumblr, it is hilarious! He takes renaissance paintings and makes gifs out of them. I saw some of his gifs recently on facebook and had a great laugh. I just like how it takes something full of historical meaning and gives it a twist! I mean, I am a big fan of art in generall and love going to museums, but I also think you should not take art to serious! Of course it has a lot of meaning, but somehow we all find it hard to preserve the meaning for our modern lives. I think bringing art to children and young people should be done by serving it just like Scorpion Dagger does…interpreting it from our point of view!

Enough meaningful talk, let´s have fun! here are some nice ones:




Which one do you like best?

Love, annavaleria

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