Fructosefree ciabatta and burger buns anyone?

Hey there bumblebees,

as most of you know, I have a fructoseintolerance. What probably not all of you know is, what that means. I do not only quit on fruit and a lot of good veggies (carrots, tomatoes etc.), but also I quit on sugar, wheat and rye. It makes it very difficult to have bread, which I just LOVE.

I recently prepared for a bbq, and that made me think of ructose free alternatives for burger buns and ciabatta. It did not take me long to decide, I had to bake them myself. So I started some research and found two great recipes.

Olive ciabatta


I have to say I did change things! Of course I did, I can´t digest the sugar well and normal wheat flour in´t so good as well! So here are my substitutions:

  • Instead of normal all-purpose (wheat) flour I used white . Not the whole wheat spelt flour.
  • As a sugar-substitute I used dextrose.

I was not sure, how they would turn out…

Recipe for the fructosefree pretzel burger buns

Burger bun recipe from JCocina

This recipe is just perfect. I made 9 buns out of the dough. So for a big crowd, you might double or tripple it. The fun thing, you do not have to prepare a starter dough the evening before! (Jou have to do this for the ciabatta) And they taste perfect, when warm freshly out of the oven. You could use them as normal rolls as well – I had one for lunch with cheese. I tried the pretzel buns in the evening and so did my guests. And I have to say, I like those a lot! They don´t break, but hold a big patty! Just perfect!

Pretzel burger buns

Recipe for the fructosefree ciabatta

Ciabatta bread recipe from Seasons&Suppers

GOSH! This ciabatta! I have to say, I folded in some olives into one of the two ciabattas. And this ciabatta was just soooo good. It is a bit more work, but it is really worth it! My guests all wanted to only eat this bread. It is just so soft, crispy,juicy and tasty! PERFECT!



Let me know, how you like this post! 🙂


Loads of love, anna valeria


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