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Hey there bumblebees,

I admit I am an cooking and baking addict. Even before I started to cook and bake everything, because I had to(fructose, you know…), my biggest passion was the kitchen-stuff. And as all cooking- and baking-addicts know: Cookbooks are our bibles…well we do have much more possibilities. So as fall comes, and with it there are long cooking and baking sessions on rainy days with a cup of coffee, here are 10 cookbooks I wish I had then.

Sarah Graham – Bitten

I absolutely looooooove watching Sarah Grahams cooking show. It is so blissfull and she gives cooking so much love and still has a twist on each recipe. Sarah is not a chef, but, as me, she started off with a food blog and went on and on. What I love about cook books from bloggers is: Whe tried everything herself. Once, she answered on one of my comments on instagram…best day ever!! <3

Uh and I need to say, that she brought out a new book this summer called home….well I think I do need that one as well!

Jamie´s Comfort Food

I hope I do not have to explain this. It is Jamie Oliver…Well I love to tell the stroy, when my man sits on the coutch with me watching Jamie Oliver cook things in only 30 minutes and he grabs the olive oil and says you only need one or two Tablespoons of it and while he tells you, the half bottle runs into the skillet…a good laugh everytime!

Deliciously  Ella

Ella is a special one. She started to get into food andblogging about it, when she had a diagnosis, that made her think about food and what nutrition can help her. And as you know, I cook a lot out of the urge to find good food, that does not destroy my gut. And she just is so gorgeous!

Nigel Slater – Tender

As with Sarah Graham, I looove to watch Nigel Slaters cooking show. He makes so much good food out of easy ingredients. And I love the nonchalance he brings to things and still adding a “zing” to everything. He has such a calming and beautiful show, I just need to have his book!

Nigella Lawson – Nigella Express

Ooooooh Nigella! Nigella is THE domestic godess…well the UK-Version…I mean there is Martha Steward, right? Nigella always cooks a bit…hm kinky. She does those tricks, to make things easier and cheats all the time. I love that rebellious way of cooking sometimes!

Sarah Britton – My New Roots

Well I have read about this book in serveral reviews, without searching for it and as I have to find a lot of inspiration with cooking, I love to see how other people deal with veggies. Eating part-time vegetarian is easier that full-time, but I like to give the good old veggies a stage! It is basically a back to the roots cook book and very intelligent and elegant!

Raymond Blanc – A taste of my live

Voilá! (This is what we always say, when we see his show is coming!) Raymond is just so fun to watch as well. He is a definite chef! This guys tells people to do wat he wants in his show all the time and I am not sure, if I want to meet him, but this guy is so damn french! He adds butter to everything and makes things look delicious as f***!!! Well and from what I can tell, his recipes need to be so good, as they contain tons of bad things, but you know, for a roast with the family there is nothing better, that unknown calorie count! Voilá, that is why!

Ivette van Boven – Homemade Winter

I am honest, I fell in love with thi one, becase of the title and the cover. I just looks so wintery and comforting! And thinking about this pear makes me feel so cozy! And after I have read some review, it must be a really good one, a little gem stone!

Mimi Thorisson – A kitchen in france

Oh lala, Mimi! Mimi is one of those girls every girl wants as her best friend! She is a beautiful french womand, with a stunning waistline and this french attitude we all love and hate…but in the end, her cooking show is made in a brick house somewhere in france and she makes the best french french recipes wearing beautifull dresses…godh, I just have a girl crush on her!

And then there is Martha Steward´s cooking school

Exactly NO explanation need. If you need an explanation on this…what the heck is wrong with you?

Well and my favourite cook book I already have is Fructopia – a fructosefree cookbook, which is so inspiring for people, who need help to find healthy fructosefriendly food! I love it! Sorry for all you english speaking folks. But you can get her recipes on her blog in english as well!

Which are the cookbooks you wish you had now?

<3 Love, annavaleria




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