Lush Haul – And how to display it

Hey there bumblebees,

the other day I went to Lush – actually just because I had a coffee date in Starbuck´s just beside the Lush store in munich. But I just could not resist to make a short stop. Also because there were literally no people in the shop – I´m not so much into crowdy places. It is always fun, when I enter Lush. It is like entering a complete new world full of different good olfactoric experiences. My man hates it in there – but he is very patient, so that´s alright.

So here comes my Lush haul:

blackberry bath ballistic from lush it´sannavaleriaThis is the blackberry bath bomb and I love it! It smells sweet and tasty I just want to eat it. Though I was concerned it would be to fruity – which I do not like to much in beauty-smells, it has this calming smell, which is so good on cold days. Side fact: Is is fu**ing freezing cold in munich – winter is coming! 😉 I´ll link all the bath bombs bellow – just in case you matter! 😉


butter balls bath ballistic from lush it´sannavaleriaThe second balls – well haha – I love, are called butter balls – yeah I know, funny again! 😉 These are bubble bath bombs, though they are smaller than the usual Lush bathbombs. But I absolutely loooove them. They are not to intense but still have this absolutely comforting smell of cleanness. I sometimes have the problem of a bad circulation, when I have long bathing sessions, so these are perfect for a short jump in the water. I could not resist, so I got two of those. oooops 😉


twilight bath ballistic from lush it´sannavaleriaActually I set myself a limit before I went in there…well then I saw twighlight (hell no – not the movie!!!) and I immediately fell Iin love. The reasons are so girly you could hear my boobs giggle: It is pink and has stars on it, and if you throw it in the watter a blue core appears!!!!!1! I knowwwwww! Okay containance – it also smells fantastic! It´s sweet and smells like lavender – which I totally love!


rose jam bath ballistic from lush it´sannavaleriaWell, this was the point I had to leave. So I took my 4 balls – I now understand, why they call them ballistics in UK… – and went to the cashier. He told me about the bubble baths, and how I could combine them, and have the smell of the bombs and the bubbles of the …yeah you know. So actually this completely adorable gay guy caught me and I got another bomb, that looks like a macaroon – gosh I´d wish I had macaroons right ow! Anyone? Meh. And the fun thing (actually it´s just funny, if you are a german) – you can use this bubbleroon (that is what they call´em) for two bathing sessions! I took the rose jam one – actually because it is pink 😀 They all smell gorgeous! 😀

So what I did, when I went home, was to put them in a cookie jar to display them in my bathroom! I´m so looking forward to taking my next bath!! 🙂

bath ballistic display cookie jar from lush it´sannavaleria


blackberry bath bomb:

butter balls:

twighlight bath bomb:

rose jam bubbleroon:

Cya bumblebees, your annavaleria

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  1. Sophie says:

    Now I want to have a bathtub as well 🙁

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