It’s been a while – and it’s new!

Hey there bumblebees,

time has flown by, it´s already fall! This year has been crazy so far. Work has filled up my daily life so much, I haven´t had enough time to bake, cook and especially post on this blog to much…well you could follow along on my Instagram-channel.  But as autumn and winter comes along, I really want to jump back on the blogging-boat. Especially, as my dear man has helped me to bring this whole blog to the next level. As he is a bad ass professional in webdesign and frontend, he made this so beautiful! He helped me with the whole design, technical issues and all! Lovely man! I love the new design and it really motivates me to get back into the game!pexels-photo_champagne

If you have any wishes for topics or posts I should do, let me know in the comments below!

Loads of love, anna valeria

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