Changes, babies and houses

Hey there bumblebees,

after being silent for much to long, there is a little catchup to be made. Especially as there are little big changes happening and to come in the next few months…and years. Since my last post loads of changes has been happening, the biggest (or smallest) though is that we are expecting a little boy in may. In less that three months we will be parents to a little human, boy that sounds crazy!

Also have we been moving from our tiny flat into a whole damn house. I still can´t quite wrap my head around this. Ever since I moved out of my parents house, when I was 18, I have been living in partments from tiny 28sqm up to 85 sqm. But always apartments. I know this sounds crazy, but it does feel so different.

However, things have changed, not only baby and house wise but my whole life is different. But let´s start slow – haha – and start from here, hopng I write more now! Let´s hope that works out! 😉

Loads of love, annavaleria

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